Why do so many companies stick with the on-site consultant model?

By: Johannes LeRoux

Given the work-from-home model that most companies in North America are resorting to in the face of COVID-19, executives are looking for ways to adapt, hiring consultants outside their normal resource pool.


It is importance to look at the pros and cons of remote versus on-site consulting. Weighing the pros and cons can help a company see clearly which choice of implementation partner is the best fit for them.

Look at the pros and cons of each model in the chart below. 

Pay only for the service hours provided or agreed block of hour based on deliverables. Invoiced 40+ hours each week regardless of hours worked.
Pool of SAP Expert Consultants with proven success factors available across the complete footprint of SAP. May need to hire multiple midlevel consultants to cover required areas of expertise, increasing costs.
Goes on-site on an as-needed basis. On-site each week 40 hours plus travel time (loss of productive time).
Reduces travel expenses; can use these savings in other areas of the project; no office/workspace required. Budget must account for travel expenses and must provide workspace and equipment.
Uses email, phone, video, instant messaging, and other web-based applications to communicate. Available for face-to-face discussions and side-by-side training.

Infogility provide a flexible consulting model where you can select consultant from a pool of experts that can be used remotely:

  • Project work – Use consultant by deliverables defined.
  • Production support work – Use consultant based on a ticking system or issue that need to be fixed. Blocks of hours to complete or support a specific task.

Tailored based on your Business needs

Contact Infogility today to provide you with consulting service tailored to your needs.

  No ongoing AMS support Contracts

We only use highly qualified consultants who use their SAP expertise and business knowledge to deliver maximum value to your organization.


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