SAP BPC Hybrid solution

What is a hybrid solution?

  • SAP BPC standard on-premise is a mature, fully functional planning and consolidation application utilized by thousands of customers.
  • SAP has fully optimized the connection between SAP BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud, so that a real-time connection is possible.
  • Two-way integration means that the planning data and master data from SAP BPC can be imported into SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Data can be exported/Imported from SAP Analytics Cloud to Standard/Embedded SAP BPC

SAP BPC hybrid solution Capabilities

SAP Analytics Cloud provides the capabilities, infrastructure, and two-way integration to on-premise and cloud data. Since SAP Analytics Cloud can potentially be used as the web front end for SAP BPC 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA, all the Standard SAP BPC planning scenarios that require users to perform planning on the web can be used for the hybrid planning applications.

The BPC to SAC import/export function provides a smooth way to replicate Financial planning models to SAC for the user to use. Standard/Embedded BPC plays the role of corporate planning and SAC plays the role of Front line-of-business (LOB) planning. Users create the planning directly on the public version and save the data to Standard/Embedded BPC SAP BPC directly.

You can also import a model from SAP BPC including all master data and transaction data. The simplicity of the interface means that the two-way integration can be activated by a simple ‘data-refresh’ button. With the data importing planning data into SAP Analytics Cloud, update of the data is made available in Standard SAP BPC on-premise. You have the option to immediately apply SAP BPC logic when data is saved. This option ensures that the same logic is applied, independent of the tool in which the planning is entered in the Standard SAP BPC on-premise or SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

Basic setup

  • To prepare import/export workflow, setup the connection in SAC.
  • Setup a schedule to do the import from BPC model to SAC model on a regular basis.
  • Setup SAC data Models to leverage two-way integration (SAC can add more master data for local planning purpose, spreading, allocation, etc.) could be fully leveraged.
  • Currency dimension will not be imported into SAC. Currency conversion need to be configured inside SAC separately if necessary.


  • Core planning on mature and proven BPC solution on-premise
  • Many companies have been using SAP BPC for years. SAP BPC is a proven product: it is extremely robust (mature) and it contains a strong core of functionalities with which it distinguishes itself from competition software.
  • SAP BPC in combination with SAP Analytics Cloud provides a complete real-time planning solution, covering all aspects of planning.
  • Provide continuous innovation through integration with SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Two-way integration acts as a primary contribution interface with BPC solution and SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Web-based reporting and visualizations.
  • Web-based data input and updates.
  • Predictive Analytics functions.
  • Simple data modeling (what-if scenarios, allocations, Two-way integration).