What is Collaborative Enterprise Planning and Analytics?

By: Johannes LeRoux

Organizations struggle with harmonizing plans across the enterprise toward common strategic and financial goals, as current planning processes typically are done in siloed data isolated within lines of business, in stand-alone planning tools, or in disconnected spreadsheets.


Collaborative enterprise planning and analytic is a methodology that:

  • Integrates all activities of a company enabling them to share their data collaboratively. This form of planning and analytics provides a rapid assembled analytical capability to planning, forecasting, budgets as well as compare actual results to you plans and give InSite to profitability and margin analytics. By leveraging an integrated planning platform, not only do organizations align planning and analytics processes toward common goals, but the entire organization is also operating off one source of truth.
  • Customers can integrate all siloed plans and analytics from across the enterprise supporting even manufacturing organizations looking for supply chain planning capabilities integrating there sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes, working with SAP Embedded and SAP BPC standard solutions, provide the best planning and analytics features and functions with a singular view of while maintaining the integrity of the complexities in each process.
  • It is a set of product capabilities that replace manual, repetitive and error-prone processes with more automated and intelligent systems. It empowered nontechnical users with easy-to-use functions. Therefore, enterprises can make users more productive in a fraction of the time compared to conventional approaches.

Enterprise Planning

  • Enables companies to integrate planning tools and data and provide the ability to coordinate planning through integration to unify all systems
  • Interactive simulation based on predictive analytics across the organization
  • Transparent integration between network and multidimensional planning.
  • Integrated business management for all levels of historical financial and non financial transactions and advanced simulation and predictive techniques.

Business Intelligent

  • Designing for Collaboration data needs to be places where communication flows
  • Provide push and pull capabilities for analytics in one unified environment.
  • Self-service tools, interactive dashboards with drill-downs analysis to collaborate around your data
  • Channel driven reports, views and dashboards with specific value driver tree visuals.

Augmented Analytics

  • Make better decisions based on facts and hard numbers using accurate available data
  • Democratize data used – Everybody has access to data and there are no gatekeepers that create a bottleneck. Anybody uses data at any time to make decisions with no barriers to access or understanding.
  • Make faster decisions to provide the ability to react swiftly and decisively in response to change.
  • Become a data driven company so the whole enterprise gets the insights they need from the data to make better decisions without requiring handholding from data professionals or IT.
  • Manage pricing and profitability effectively, with Insight on margin Performance, have Accurate information and run an Integrated operating Model, that will provide valuable insights into the factors that most affect margin potential can highlight waste reduction and value opportunities.

SAP Collaborative Enterprise Planning and Analytics Tools

SAP Analytics Cloud is a software analytics platform that includes business intelligence, predictive analytics, and planning functionality to let people make fast, confident decisions.


Prep-package Prototype















We have predefined SAP Analytic cloud (SAC) Stories and Digital board rooms that is integrate with SAP BPC Standard and SAP S4 HANA Embedded and will refresh real-time all systems.

Example of an SAP Analytic cloud (SAC) Stories include:

Digital Boards rooms








Forecasting/Budgeting Input sheets








Actual data sheets









  • Accelerate the process of developing insight to improve business outcomes with proven templates
  • Social collaboration component
  • Unify and automate processes for coordinated planning and analytics with one front end
  • Make decisions faster, reduce costs, and maintain customer service
  • Standardized visualization and providing real-time data access to finance and operational data.
  • Standardized, models, and reports on account-based financial elements for financial planning and performance reporting.
  • Integrated business management for all levels of financial and non-financial transactions
  • Enabling all users to take full advantage of analytics by updating data in all system Realtime
  • No manual updates all systems integrated on a common structure with one truth soured of data.

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