SAP Business Planning and Consolidations

Don’t Paint Yourself in a Corner!

Photo john_large By Ashwin Gadi & John Louw

S/4HANA and other changes that SAP is now presenting dramatically simplifies the architecture for actual data, making things more flexible. SAP BPC for S/4HANA is positioned to overcome the problems associated with planned data silos, proposed advantages being:

  • Elimination of standalone planning system
  • No need to replicate data between the ERP system and SAP BPC.
  • Real-time analysis on plan data and actual data.
  • Planning based on real-time ERP master data.
  • The simplified system landscape reduces hardware and administration costs.

Sounds like the silver bullet everybody has been waiting for, but is it a fit for your organization and what does it mean for your current implementation? Does it mean that you have a path to this new functionality or does it mean you’ll have to rebuild everything and start form scratch.

Comparison of BPC Imbedded Options

BPC Optimized


Stand Alone

BPC 11.0

Stand Alone

BPC 10.1

Analytics Engine BW 7.5x BW/4HANA BW 7.5
BPC Version BPC 10.1 Embedded BPC 11.0 (Customer Release 07/27/2017) BPC 10.1 Imbedded
Financial Transaction Data Real Time Extraction – Actuals

Retraction – Plan

Extraction – Actuals

Retraction – Plan

Cross Functional Transaction Data Separate Data Warehouse is recommended for storage of other Source Data Extraction from Source (External or SAP) Extraction from Source (External or SAP)
Standard Fields (InfoObjects) Required Yes

(increased dependency on IT and compliance burden)


(Offers flexibility and empowers Finance)


(Offers flexibility and empowers Finance)

Leverage Advanced Analytics/Cloud Partial Yes Partial


Choosing an Option that right for you


Moving between Options

Unfortunately, there is no transport or auto conversion of BPC Standard Model Objects BPC for S/4HANA. However if you choose BPC Imbedded, the good news is that development objects in the User Interaction Layer Objects (AO Input schedules and Reports) as well as BW-Objects (Models, FOX etc.) can be transported and reused.



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