Margin Edge

Boost Margins. Make Better Decisions. Reduce Waste.

“In today’s competitive business environment, Integrated Margin Management and Accurate Costing is not just important to maximize profitability, it is essential for survival”

Integrated Margin Management and Accurate Costing to help Unlock Business Value

Business Challenges

To manage pricing and profitability effectively, companies must have Insight on Margin Performance, have Accurate Costing information and run an Integrated Operating Model. Unfortunately, most companies fall short on all three. Moreover, they are not able to execute their decision cycles fast enough or with enough accuracy at the required level of detail.

Attaining valuable insights into the factors that most affect margin potential can highlight waste reduction and value opportunities.

An Infogility MarginEdge™ program can help you:

  • Identify volume and margin outliers by customer and product based on key criteria.
  • Understand the operating rate for profit generation.
  • Optimize capacity utilization, procurement and investment options.
  • Improve the costing accuracy of products and services.
  • Gain Insight to waste reduction and value opportunities.

MarginEdge™ Solution Components

1.    Insight on Margin Performance

  • Key Drivers of Margin Performance
  • Leveraging and Analytics for Margin Decision Making

2.    Define, Align and Refine

  • Cost Component Alignment
  • Inventory Valuation Alignment
  • Organizational Structures alignment
  • Master Data and Data Quality
  • Develop the right Skills and capabilities

3.    Integrated Operating Model

  • Strategic Planning
    • Business Value Modelling
    • Strategic Business Planning
  • Planning
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Operations Planning
    • Materials Planning
    • Product Cost Planning
  • Execution
    • Inventory Management
    • Production Controlling
    • Cost Controlling
    • Rapid Closing