Optimize Financial performance leveraging S/4 HANA EPM/BPC

By Johannes LeRoux

 Businesses have leveraged Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) technologies to improve profitability by bringing significant improvement in financial and operational insight. With Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), improved operability and reduction of the cost of ownership with direct integration into SAP S/4HANA platform provides integrated analytics solutions.

Finacial_image2Our Approach is based on expertise, experiences, best practices in your industry, and methodologies using pre-packaged content – Starter Kits and pre-configured applications supporting the BPC components.

Infogility’s SAP EPM/BPC practice offers an implementation project Toolbox with expertise, experiences, best practices in your industry, methodology using pre-packaged content – Starter Kits and pre-configured applications supporting the BPC components.

Infogility advocates an integrated and collaborate approach working with our clients by aligning the right metrics and linking the behaviors and activities of the workforce based on the metrics required for your business. Our experienced project team will provide new insights by accelerating solution delivery and optimize the often costly “discovery” processes.

Infogility’s Assessment Service
One of the first steps in undertaking an EPM/BPC implementation is to assess the readiness of the organization for that implementation. As the leaders in SAP EMP/BPC and Finance Transformation, our experts have developed a comprehensive process to help you answer your question and to define your roadmap and business case with regards to defining your implementation strategy and requirements.


Infogility’s Implementation Methodology

Our Methodology is based on Best Practices, but we build your solution based on the Target state defined on our robust assessment process as well as not dredging history regarding old ways of doing things. We utilize our experiences, and our methodology with pre-packaged content – Starter Kits and pre-configured applications.

Since the major difference between individual customers should mostly be their data and master data, those are the only real areas where a current state analysis is performed – the ‘how’ or ‘why’ regarding the current system is mostly disregarded in favor of the standardized solution’s processes to provide our client with a integrated and optimized solution.

The EPM systems are typically very flexible with many tools, utilities and simplified scripting functions, that often do not require programming to satisfy these different needs by allowing for the creation of a custom solution. Infogility’s methodology analyses only the GAPs between the standardized process and the requirement to help define what does/does not work for the customer, and explains the pros/cons and likes/dislikes about the existing system to ensure prior benefits are carried forward and limitations are avoided.

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SAP EPM Solutions:

SAP EPM integrated in S/4HANA
SAP S/4HANA EPM Solution gives organizations the tools they need to help them define, standardize, insight and communicate to provide an integrated platform that is both rich and flexible supporting financial user interfaces and workflows. It enables a deployment on a single system with access to real time to master data, planning and actuals (universal journal) from S/4HANA Finance with a single end to end EPM process.

  • Combine strategy management, planning, profitability analysis, financial consolidation, and disclosure management functions in a single solution
  • Common interfaces across processes, leveraging mobile, Web, and Microsoft Office (Excel) for better productivity across the organization – in finance and beyond
  • Embed transactional processes in SAP for real-time performance management, and offer a stand-alone platform for ERP software other than the SAP ERP application and heterogeneous environments
  • Collecting, analyzing, planning, predicting, and reporting on Big Data without waiting


SAP Cloud for Analytics and Planning
EPM on the Cloud is the embeded integrated solution providing a SAP Digital Boardroom where executives can gain real-time insights and simulate actions. SAP Cloud for Planning is built on the advanced high-performance SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which means that your EPM solution offers a close integrated embedded financials, analytics, and planning solution enabling and integrating your analytics solutions. This allows organizations to make faster and better decisions by eliminating wait times through the power of the SAP HANA platform. SAP Cloud for Planning is based on the new SAP Fiori user interface design so that dashboards and visualizations have the very latest look and feel.


With cloud analytics you can discover your data and create visual insight including KPIs, visualizations, simulation and drill-downs including planning with what-if and predictive aspects using your Boardroom design to correspond to your business requirement and functional underlying analytics solution.



Benefits of Planning and Consolidation with SAP EPM/BPC

  • Better decision-making supported by what-if scenarios
  • Enhanced insight with clearly defined responsibilities
  • More accurate planning with less effort
  • Shorter cycle times accelerate closings and financial statements
  • Flexible, real-time planning with SAP HANA®

Ready to Take the Next Step?
If you are ready to gain new insights on how our SAP EPM/BPC capabilities can be integrated into your current landscape or enhance your current solution, contact the Infogility’s team for a EPM/BPC Assessment.

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