Get Unstuck With Supply Chain Intelligence

IMG_990psdBy Johann Terblanche

ABOUT the author: Johann is a seasoned Management and Technology Expert with a specific focus on Supply Chain Improvement. He has almost three decades of extensive Supply Chain Management Experience and has proven success record on multiple implementations servicing clients in a wide range of industries. His specific focus the last 16 years was on implementing and improving SAP Supply Chain solutions in Asia, Europe and Africa.

9 out of 10 industries have not grown in the past 10 year, this is based on data compiled by Supply Chain Insights, an organization focused on delivering independent, actionable and objective advice for supply chain leaders. Moreover, key metrics like inventory turns, are down over time while costs, complexity, and inventory keeps rising.
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Need more than one Account-Type dimension in a SAP BPC model – it is possible!

Giuseppe_Dal_ColBy Giuseppe Dal Col
Principal Consultant at Infogility

It’s been a while since I’ve written a purely technical article, so I thought I’d share a very handy solution to a sometimes common problem in SAP BPC – how to get around the standard system limitation on the number of SAP-delivered key dimension types that can be included in a SAP BPC data model.

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